What Is The TSX Circular Vibrating Screen Working Principle?

TSX Circular vibrating screen is a classification screen widely used in mining, building materials and other industries. It is mainly used for the classification of primary and secondary materials. It is mainly composed of screen body, vibration excitation system (RDQ single shaft vibration exciter), screen plate, etc.

The working principle of TSX circular vibrating screen is that the vibration of the vibrator generates an inertial force with positive and regular changes in direction around a fixed axis, which drives the vibration of the screen body.

The screen body drives the materials on the sieve plate to make a directional jump movement. Due to the inertia, the heavy materials will be thrown higher and fall slower; The materials with light weight will be thrown lower, fall naturally and quickly, and then fall under the screen.

Other large particle materials are discharged from the discharge port. Since the circular vibrating screen is used to classify large and medium sized materials, its tilt angle is generally set at 15-25 degrees.

The exciter of TSX circular vibrating screen uses our new RDQ exciting unit, which changes the old model of using eccentric shaft to provide exciting force. The exciting new unit used in TSX circular vibrating screen has lighter weight and larger adjustable range of exciting force, which can meet the requirements for different exciting forces. It also reduces the bearing torque, making the bearing service life longer.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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