What Is The TSX Crusher Vibrating Screen?

Crushing screen is a kind of vibrating screen that breaks the quarried stone and screens it according to the specifications. There is a great demand for crushed stone in many construction industries, and the crushing screen is indispensable equipment in construction.

In the process of crushing, large stones are crushed and rolled into small stones and small pieces under the external force. In the case of stone crushing, the stones are mixed with different sizes. The particles with similar sizes can be divided into the same level, and different vibrating screens are selected for screening.

According to different crushing strength, there are several screening methods as follows:

  1. Crushing: after the materials are pressed on two planes, the internal stress of the stone is greater than the compressive strength, which will cause fragmentation.
  2. Splitting: the material is subject to tension, and the internal stress of the stone is greater than the tensile strength, so as to cause fragmentation.
  3. Breaking: Under the action of many forces, the stone will be cut and bent. When the force reaches a certain level, the stone will be broken.
  4. Crushing. The stone will be broken after being impacted inside
  5. Rolling: The stone is subjected to different forces, and the pressure acting on each surface of the stone will cause it to break. Each kind of different stone materials should have different crushing methods, and the proper crushing method should be selected to achieve higher efficiency.

Crushers can be divided into three categories according to the feed and product particle size: coarse crusher (from 1500~500 mm to 350~100 mm); Medium crusher (from 350~100 mm to 100~40 mm); Fine crusher (from 100~40 mm to 30~10 mm).

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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