What Is The TSX Multi Deck Vibrating Screen?

The model of multi-layer linear vibrating screen is 520-1230mm (width x length). The price of multi-layer linear vibrating screen varies according to the material, model size and number of layers.

Installation, commissioning and use of multi-layer linear vibrating screen: The equipment shall be fixed on the special foundation by embedded bolts. Close the power switch, confirm the synchronous reverse rotation of the vibration motor, and conduct 10-20 minutes of idle running.

  1. Multilayer linear vibrating screen

The vibrating motor is used as the excitation source. It is mainly applicable to materials with large particle size, no moisture, no viscosity, and no static electricity. The screen layer of the equipment is generally three, with relatively simple structure and low cost.

However, the disadvantages are also obvious, such as: the screen screen is easy to wear and has short service life, which is troublesome to replace; The screening accuracy is low, and the screening of fine powder and fine powder cannot be completed; Poor sealing, environmental protection and energy saving, etc. Now enterprises do not consider this kind of equipment when purchasing new equipment.

  1. Multilayer circular rotary vibrating screen

Vibration motors are also used. According to the requirements of output and screening accuracy, one or two vibration motors can be installed, and the number of screen layers is generally four. The installation and use of this rotary vibrating screen are relatively convenient, and the production efficiency and accuracy are good. This kind of equipment will be selected only when the output is low and the accuracy is high.

  1. Circular and square oscillating vibrating screen

This new multi-layer vibrating screen equipment no longer uses vibrating motor, but uses ordinary motor. The motor is not easy to burn out and save a lot of electric energy. The new swing screen adopts the artificial screening movement, which is slowly swaying horizontally and vertically, to maximize the screening efficiency, so that materials do not block the mesh, and the production capacity is 3 to 5 times that of the original vibrating screen. The maximum number of screen layers can reach 7, fully meeting the grading needs of fine screening. It is the main model of modern fine screening industry.

Among them, the circular multi-layer swing screen has the following advantages: small floor area, convenient and simple installation, suitable for flexible production environment, and the purchase cost of the whole machine is lower than that of the square swing screen, which can reduce a large section.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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