What Is The TSX Polyurethane Screen?

Polyurethane vibrating screen: At present, my impression of polyurethane screen is relatively simple. Let me tell you about the polyurethane network in my eyes. As the name implies, polyurethane screen is made of polyurethane material. Some are called screens, and some are called screens. Different people have different names. Whatever they are called, they are used for filtering and filtering.

Compared with the mainstream manganese steel woven screen in the market, what are the outstanding advantages of polyurethane screen?

  1. It has the same elasticity as rubber;
  2. It has the same flexibility as plastic;
  3. Compared with ordinary metals, it has higher wear resistance. Therefore, compared with ordinary filter screen, polyurethane filter screen has higher wear resistance, more flexible molding process, more convenient installation and use, and longer service life.

Then came the question. Polyurethane screen has so many advantages, why is it still unable to replace the mainstream metal woven screen in the market? The polyurethane screen also has disadvantages:

  1. High cost is undoubtedly a major disadvantage. Rejected many customers with small output and low wear resistance.
  2. The opening rate of polyurethane screen is not as good as that of metal screen, so the production efficiency is not as good as that of metal screen. Customers with high production requirements were also rejected.
  3. The polyurethane screen is not resistant to high temperature and humidity, so it cannot handle some special working conditions.

As a result, polyurethane screen is indeed a very wear-resistant screen, and its service life is several times that of ordinary metal screen, which reduces the cost of screen and is favored by many users. At the same time, due to some unavoidable shortcomings of its own, polyurethane screen cannot temporarily replace metal screen to occupy the mainstream market of screening industry.

In short, polyurethane screen is the existing one with better abrasion resistance. Due to the relatively high cost and the shortcomings of high temperature and humidity resistance, it failed to quickly occupy a high market share. But for long-term high-yield wear-resistant screening operation, its advantages are incomparable.

The main products of Weihai Tongge Technology Co., Ltd. are polyurethane screen plate, polyurethane cyclone, hydrocyclone, polyurethane screen, cyclone, impeller cover plate, screen, etc. Founded in 1992, the company is a manufacturer of cyclone grading equipment and high-performance polyurethane products for nearly 30 years. With the tenet of “technology, quality, integrity and service”, the company’s products are widely used in mining, environmental protection, chemical industry, machinery, petroleum and other industries.

The mesh shape of the screen is: slit, rectangle, circle, square. What are the characteristics of polyurethane screen? Now let’s learn about it together!

The polyurethane screen has the following advantages: less repair work, less damage to the polyurethane screen, and longer service life, which can greatly reduce the amount of repair and loss of maintenance. The total cost is low.

Because the mesh planning is reasonable and the screen mesh manufacturing process is common, the limit size particles will not block the mesh. Good vibration absorption function, strong noise elimination ability, can reduce noise, and make the sieve objects not easy to break in the process of oscillation.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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