What Is The TSX Rubber Spring Of Vibrating Screen?

The vibrating screen consists of a box, a vibrating motor and a damping spring. The damping spring on the vibrating screen can be made of different materials according to different vibrating screens, depending on the materials to be screened.

The spring of vibrating screen is a commonly used elastic element, which has the properties of good stability, low noise, long service life, high load capacity, good vibration isolation and noise reduction effect, and is widely used in various vibrating equipment.

Vibrating screen spring

The commonly used vibrating screen springs are steel wire compression spring, rubber spring and composite spring. Let’s understand:

  1. 1. Rubber spring: this type of shale shaker spring is a polymer elastomer, which has the properties of low self generated heat, good resilience, stable mechanical performance, long service life, low cost, etc.
  2. 2. Composite spring: an elastomer composed of metal spiral spring and rubber, which combines the properties of metal spring and rubber spring in itself, and overcomes their shortcomings.

Rubber springs can be divided into many types. For example, according to different language habits, they can be divided into composite springs, rubber springs, metal springs, rubber shock absorbers, composite spiral springs, rubber stacks, etc. At the same time, rubber springs are also the general name of rubber shock absorbers.

Shock absorption spring: shock absorption spring is an elastic shock absorber that supports rigid body and converts vibration energy into heat and disappears. It is used as vibration isolator in electric locomotives, automobiles, vibration equipment and other mechanical equipment.

The rubber spring is an indispensable part of the accessories of the vibrating screen, and its scope of use includes: vibrating feeder, vibrating platform, linear vibrating screen, mining screen, coal washing screen, abrasive screen, chemical screen, and screening equipment of the vibrating screen.

It does not produce sparks when colliding with metal and is suitable for working in flammable and explosive environments.

Rubber springs are usually used as shock absorption systems on vibrating screening equipment, vibrating platforms, vibrating feeders and other equipment. They are not only resistant to extrusion and abrasion, but also have a very good bearing effect.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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