What Is The TSX Sand Screening Machine Used For?

The sand vibrating screen is a large-scale vibrating screen that can screen sand. It can screen out materials of the same particle size. It can be screened directly on a flat ground. The movement is stable and it can be used in places with poor environments. The effect is good.

We often use vibrating screen , which are often used for concrete mix ratios and building materials. There is a large market demand and high production requirements for removing very fine silt from machine-made sand using our vibrating screen. The sand screen machine equipment can screen and discharge large particles in the sand, so that the sand has no impurities. The multi-layer sand screening machine is capable of large-capacity screening in a small footprint. Each machine handles 150 tons per hour.

The sand screening machine is suitable for the screening of various materials, and it is suitable for the screening of coal, coke, lime and other wet materials that are easy to clog. Widely used in coal mines, construction sites, etc. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, large processing capacity, safety, and energy saving. Vibrating sieves that can be classified include circular vibrating sieves, banana sieves, linear sieves, etc. The corresponding sieve plates on the sieve directly contact the materials to screen the materials.

The raw materials of construction have also been mechanized. From manual sand screening to the current large-scale mechanical operation, in just a few years, vibrating sand screening machines have been continuously updated, and product models have also increased. The equipment has a wide range of applications and can meet the needs of different construction sites.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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