What Is The TSX Sand Screening Machine?

Large machine made sand screening machine Cast sand square swing sand screening machine Quartz sand vibrating screen is driven by double vibrating motors, which is a small and medium-sized multi-layer screening machine with international advanced level, and can be used in single layer or multiple layers, up to five layers at most;

The screen frame is generally of wooden structure. If the screen hole is relatively large, the screen frame can be made into a steel structure when the output requirements are high; If the corrosive materials are screened, the parts in contact with the materials shall be made of stainless steel. The installation methods of the vibration motor equipped with the linear vibrating screen (linear screen) can be divided into the down vibration type and the side vibration type, and the installation methods of the shock absorber can be divided into the seat type and the hanging type.

The factors to be considered for the screening type of rolling vibration are:

  1. In the face of large-scale screening work, generally select machinery that is larger than the planned production capacity, so that the equipment has sufficient power, will not be overloaded, and the equipment life will not be reduced. It seems that this kind of loss is actually an economical and effective way of long-term use.
  2. Select a model to select a regular manufacturer, on which the components used are standardized and serialized.
  3. When selecting the mining vibrating screen, select the model to be repaired or select a reliable manufacturer. Mine vibrating screen is usually used outdoors.
  4. Select vibrating screen to ensure production stability. If you save money, the mining vibrator may bring you more trouble.

According to different regional names, sand and gravel vibrating screens are also called sand and gravel screening ma

chines, sand and gravel separators, sand and gravel aggregate vibrating screens, stone vibrating screens, etc. They are driven by double vibration motors and use the principle of vibration motor excitation. The sand shale shaker has high screening accuracy, large processing capacity, simple structure, good sealing, convenient maintenance, and can be used for automatic operation in assembly line production.

The sand shale shaker is suitable for screening dry materials with particle size of 0.74-10mm, water content of less than 7% and no viscosity. It is widely used in the screening of dry powder, fine particle or fine powder materials in industries such as raw materials of abrasive tools, chemical industry, plastics, medicine, resin powder, ceramic raw materials, metallurgy, building materials, grain, food, fertilizer, etc.

working principle

Applicable to the particle size of 0.074— 5 mm, water content less than 7%, screening of various dry powdery or granular materials without viscosity, and the particle size of large feed shall not be greater than 10 mm.

Structural design features

  1. The sand vibrating screen is composed of a machine body, a vibrating device, a base, a transmission device, etc. The part adopts a soft link structure, so that when materials enter the screening machine, the machine body will not be damaged due to impact, thus improving the service life of the equipment
  2. It can screen out stones of various specifications at the same time to facilitate the adjustment of sieve components. It is a screening equipment with spring device to reduce the impact on the vibrating screen
  3. It can screen all kinds of block, particle and powder materials, and has strong applicability to materials
  4. The screen body is designed scientifically and the flexible link is used to avoid the blockage of the screen mesh caused by materials, which is convenient for maintenance and stable operation

Shopping Skills

  1. The screen mesh is made of steel wire, steel bar, punched, rubber and polyurethane. They will have different effects on screening different materials, and they will have different degrees on different materials.
  2. The shape of the mesh, square mesh and rectangular mesh should be better for sand and gravel.
  3. The length width ratio of the sieve. Generally speaking, the length width ratio of the sieve is 1: or 1:3.
  4. The inclination of screen surface is generally 0 deg; To 20° For the best. However, some sieves have an inclination of 40 deg- 50°。

Note: In order to screen the screening quality and output of sand and gravel, the feeding shall be uniform, appropriate and continuous.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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