What Is The TSX Screen Machine Used For?

TSX is an innovative Chinese machinery manufacturer in the screening machinery industry, dedicated to the crushing, screening, recycling and stacking of materials. Our products are your best choice in innovation, durability and productivity. We only make heavy-duty portable crushing and screening equipment that can handle your toughest jobs.

At present, TSX vibrating screens mainly include high-frequency screens, linear screens, circular vibrating screens, banana screens, linear screens, and relaxation screens. They generally have the characteristics of high efficiency, good stability, simple operation, energy saving, and low noise. Non-toxic materials can be graded and de-intermediated, so they are widely used in mining, coal, building materials and other industries.

The vibrating screen is a mechanical device that uses the excitation principle of a vibrating motor. The screening equipment is a mechanical device that divides a mixture of different particle sizes into several products of different particle sizes through a sieve. It is mainly used for raw coal classification in the coal sorting process.

After screening The vibrating screen is driven by the exciter to vibrate together to make the material be thrown on the screen surface, and the material is driven to jump on the sieve plate. The vibrating screen can achieve the purpose of screening. Finally, the unqualified finished products are screened out, and the materials with high water content are dehydrated to achieve the purpose.

For many industries, the vibrating screen is an indispensable large-scale screening tool, which greatly saves manpower and material resources and speeds up the progress of the project.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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