What Is The TSX Screening Machine Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screening machine can remove oversized particles and pollutants, as an effective method to protect ingredients and final products from pollution and agglomeration, so as to improve the quality of your products, and grade materials according to particle size. The following will introduce the classification of the vibrating screen in detail.

  1. circular vibrating screen

It can provide up to 5 levels of grading in one operation to achieve accurate particle size distribution. The screening is up to 500 meshes. Different configurations can be selected according to the characteristics of screened materials, such as mobile type, ultrasonic screen cleaning type, direct discharge type, mud high-frequency type, water spraying type, gate type, etc.

  1. Linear vibrating screen

The linear vibrating screen is used to screen and move products along a straight line. Therefore, the rectangular screen is used to allow more time for products to pass through the grid. The line screen can also effectively transport products, sometimes replacing traditional conveyors.

3.Mine vibrating screen

The mine vibrating screen is used to separate materials and final products at different stages of the crushing process. It provides single layer, double layer and three layer configurations. It is applicable to the screening of sand and stone materials in the quarry, and can also be used for product classification in coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, power, chemical industry and other industries.

The above is an introduction to different vibrating screens. Please select a reasonable model according to the use, screening products, output and mesh requirements.

Vibrating screen, also known as vibrating screen, is a material grading and screening equipment, which is widely used in mining, building materials, coal preparation, energy, chemical, metal ore powder, smelting, food processing and other industries

The common vibrating screens are circular rotary vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen, both of which use the vibrating motor as the excitation source. The vibration motor is prone to various failures in the long-term high-frequency vibration, the screen screen is worn and easy to replace, and the overall repair and maintenance costs are high. At the same time, the output is small, and the screen screen is easy to block, which is also the main problem of ordinary vibrating screen.

  1. Linear vibrating screen, also known as rectangular vibrating screen, is mainly used for screening large particles with low screening accuracy requirements. The equipment is relatively simple, but the wear is large, the screen screen is easy to be damaged, and the screening accuracy is low, which are the characteristics of this equipment. Now it is used less.
  2. Circular rotary vibrating screen, the main vibrating screen machine currently used, has the main advantage of high screening accuracy, which can basically meet the requirements of the fine powder industry; The disadvantage is that the output is relatively low, the material is easy to block the screen, and the screen is easy to be damaged.
  3. This new type of equipment has all the advantages of the rotary vibrating screen, and has completely solved the problems of small output, screen blocking and easy damage. It has become the most advantageous screening equipment in the fine screening industry.
TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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