What Is The TSX Shaker Screen?

The working principle of the mining shaker screen is that the screen box rotates synchronously in the opposite direction relying on two identical vibrating motors to make the whole screen machine supported on the shock absorber vibrate in a straight line.

The vibration motors of this series of shale shakers can be installed in up vibration and down vibration modes, and the shock absorbers can be installed in seat or hanging mode.

It is often used together with metallurgical sintering machines. The secondary vibration reduction system is adopted, which has small dynamic load on the base, and is characterized by solid structure, stable operation, low noise and high efficiency.

The hot ore screen adopts a double shaft vibrator with eccentric blocks. The eccentric blocks on the two shafts of the double shaft vibrator are driven by two motors to rotate in reverse self synchronization, so that the screen box produces linear vibration. This series of hot ore screen is composed of screen box, vibration exciter, vibration damping system, transmission device, base, etc. The cross beam and screen box side plate are made of heat-resistant plate or stainless steel plate, and riveted with ring groove rivets. The screen plate is made of wear-resistant and heat-resistant materials, with good heat resistance and long service life.

The side plate and cross beam of the screen box of the hot ore screen are made of high-quality heat-resistant stainless steel. The main bearing plate is connected to the bottom plate, and the side plate is riveted to the cross beam with ring groove rivets. The connection is firm and reliable. When the hot ore screen works, the screen plate directly contacts with high-temperature materials, which requires good wear resistance and heat resistance, so heat-resistant alloy cast steel is used.

The sieve plate will be subject to thermal expansion during operation. The sieve plate fixing device is fastened with a wedge and is equipped with a thermal compensation mechanism, which can ensure that the sieve plate is firmly fixed at the operating temperature, and the sieve plate is easy to be disassembled. It is characterized by solid structure, stable operation, low noise and high efficiency.

They are used after crushing and before grinding to screen out the crushed materials that reach the grinding size, which are sent to the grinding equipment by the feeder. Therefore, the mining vibrating screen plays a connecting role and has a certain impact on the grinding efficiency. This article introduces four common types of vibrating screen for mining.

According to relevant research, in the whole screening operation, screening equipment has the largest impact on screening process indicators, up to 50%.

The technical level and quality of screening equipment are directly related to the screening effect and the economic benefit of the concentrator. Therefore, the development of screening equipment with high screening efficiency and reliability is the trend of the screening industry today.

The screening efficiency is affected by many factors, mainly including 15% of material properties, 25% of operation, and 60% of screening equipment (screen surface parameters and motion properties)

  1. Linear mining shaker screen

DZS linear screen has the advantages of stable vibration mode, low energy consumption and high screening accuracy.

The DZS linear screen uses a vibrating motor as the vibration exciter, which has low energy consumption and low power, only 1/4-1/5 of that of other types of screens.

Scope of application: It is commonly used to remove heavy medium in fine particle screening and heavy medium beneficiation.

  1. Circular vibrating screen

The biggest feature of circular vibrating screen is that it can be multi-layer, strong exciting force, and high efficiency.

The circular vibrating screen adopts eccentric shaft and eccentric block vibrator, which can operate stably; Low stress damping spring, low noise; Super heavy duty large oil clearance bearing, low operating temperature, long service life; Ring groove rivet and plate screen box frame structure, high strength; Xinhai special wear-resistant rubber screen can be configured to prevent screen hole blockage.

Scope of application: suitable for material classification in mineral processing, building materials, power, chemical industry departments, and also for dehydration, desliming, and disintermediation.

  1. Self centering vibrating screen

Self centering vibrating screen is Xinhai’s independent practical patent equipment with high screening efficiency

There are two types of self centering shale shakers.

  1. It is especially suitable for handling fine minerals, and can also be used together with hydrocyclones, which has higher and more sufficient dewatering efficiency, and can be widely used in tailing dry discharge, concentrate dewatering and other operations.
TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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