What Is The TSX SKF Vibrating Screen Bearings?

Vibration application is the main application field of self-aligning roller bearing. For example, vibrating screen or vibrator will cause acceleration of rollers and cages in the bearing, which puts forward additional requirements for bearing design. SKF self-aligning roller bearing for vibration application can withstand faster acceleration than corresponding standard bearing, and its allowable acceleration depends on lubricant and acceleration mode.

Normally, there are two acceleration modes. The first mode is that the SKF shaft is subjected to the combined action of the rotating outer ring load and the rotating acceleration field, or is subjected to the action of the internally induced angular acceleration field due to the rapid change of speed. These accelerations cause the roller to generate cyclic load on the cage.

The second mode is that SKF bearing bears impact load and produces linear acceleration in constant radial direction, resulting in no-load roller “hammering” cage groove.

The typical application of mode 1 is vibrating screen, planetary gear and the application affected by quick start or rapid speed change. The typical application of mode 2 is that the rail wheel produces acceleration when rolling on the rail joint. When the roller vibrates on a relatively hard surface, it will be affected by the combined acceleration of mode 1 and mode 2.

This type of bearing has a large size. It not only has a small rib, but also uses a copper solid integral cage, which also rotates under the guidance of the middle retainer ring. The E-type bearing is a reinforced type, which can increase the bearing capacity by increasing the roller diameter. Sealing type of self-aligning roller bearing.

The self-aligning roller bearing used for the vibrating screen is usually between C3 and C4 groups, because it works under the working condition with large vibration and requires large radial clearance. The bearing adopts pressed steel cage, and after surface heat treatment and hardening, the wear resistance is improved.

For large-sized vibrating screen bearings, the inner ring has no rib, and the middle ring is on the outer race, which guides the rotation. At the same time, a layer of polytetrafluoroethylene is lined on the surface of the cylindrical inner hole, which can absorb vibration and resist corrosion.

It can automatically adjust the influence of angular deviation caused by poor installation conditions. The adaptability of self-aligning roller bearing to angular deviation changes with the change of bearing width series and diameter series. c Under the condition that the internal diameter is the same, the wider the bearing, the larger the external diameter, the greater the allowable angular deviation.

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