What Is The TSX Stone Vibrating Screen Used For?

Stone vibrating screen is a large-scale machine used to screen stone materials. Stone is a wear-resistant and stable mineral raw material after crushing quartz stone. And different application scenarios have different requirements on the particle size of the stone. All stone material manufacturers need to crush the stone raw materials to meet the classification requirements of different specifications and particle sizes. Therefore, stone vibrating screens are usually required to classify and screen stones of different sizes.

Stone vibrating screen is suitable for screening in mining, coal, building materials, chemical and other industries. It is mainly used for stone screening operations in large stone factories. A sand and gravel factory needs a sand and gravel production line to complete the process from raw materials to finished stones. The main technological process is divided into four parts: feeding, crushing, sand making and screening. All processes cooperate with each other to produce high-standard sand and gravel aggregates.

Coarse-grained stones are rarely broken during the screening process, because coarse-grained materials are directly screened into finished products, avoiding excessive crushing caused by repeated vibration and impact during various screening processes.

Stone vibrating screen, like other vibrating screens, can adopt multi-layer screening, that is to say, the same vibrating screen equipment can screen out various finished materials at the same time, the production efficiency is higher, and the layout of the whole screening link is more compact, which is not only easy to maintain And management, and the dust collector can be configured uniformly, saving more costs for customers.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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