What Is The TSX Stone Vibrating Screen?

Today, we recommend an stone vibrating screen equipment for mining. During the formation of machine-made sand, there are many processes, such as crushing, sieving, sand making, etc., Stone vibrating screen equipment can solve the problem of more stone powder.

Introduction to stone vibrating screen equipment

The stone vibrating screen is a new type of vibrating screen with multiple layers. The circular vibrating screen moves in a circular manner during operation. Its structure design is scientific and reasonable, its production technology is exquisite, and its quality is excellent. The N series block eccentric vibration exciter is used. The vibration of the equipment is stable and the amplitude is greater, which effectively improves the passing capacity and screening efficiency of the equipment, making the equipment more stable and reliable in the operation process, and the service life is longer.

The stone vibrating screen equipment is applicable to the screening process in various ore production lines, as well as the product grading in mineral processing, building materials, coal preparation, chemical industry, power and other industries, such as the screening and grading of coal, food, machine-made sand, natural sand and other materials.

Equipment performance characteristics

  1. Simple structure of stone vibrating screen:

The stone vibrating screen equipment adopts a cylindrical eccentric shaft vibrator and eccentric block to adjust the amplitude. The equipment is simple in structure, more convenient to remove and replace the screen surface, and more convenient to use and maintain.

  1. Long service life of stone vibrating screen:

The stone vibrating screen equipment adopts perforated screen plate or spring steel woven screen mesh, which is not easy to block holes in the screening process, and the service life of the equipment is longer.

  1. The continuous performance of stone shale shaker is good:

The rubber vibration isolation spring is adopted for the stone vibrating screen equipment. The equipment has lower noise, longer service life, more stable passing through the resonance area, and less power consumption during screening.

  1. High screening efficiency of stone vibrating screen equipment:

The screen box of the stone vibrating screen equipment vibrates strongly, which effectively reduces the phenomenon that materials block the screen hole, and effectively improves the screening efficiency and productivity of the screening equipment.

Working principle of stone vibrating screen equipment

When the stone vibrating screen equipment is running, the motor drives the eccentric mass exciter through the triangle belt to drive the screen frame to perform periodic asymmetric mechanical vibration, so that the materials on the screen surface are thrown up, so that the materials with smaller particle size are separated through the screen hole of the screen, and the qualified materials are left on the screen and transported to the material bin.

For the stone vibrating screen equipment unit, the amplitude is adjusted through eccentric shaft vibrator and eccentric block to increase the intensity of exciting force, and the efficiency of screening soil blocks and stone powder is higher. Multi layer screen can screen different sizes, suitable for all kinds of stones. In addition, many production lines will be equipped with dust collection bags to collect stone powder and reduce dust pollution.

Features of stone vibrating screen:

  1. 1. The screen mesh can be divided into single layer, double layer and multi-layer, with diversified structures, including polyurethane screen plate and manganese steel wire woven screen plate. The screen mesh has different apertures of 5-80mm, which can be selected by customers according to their own needs..  
  2. 2. Flexible connection, such as cross universal drive shaft or rubber coupling, ensures smooth operation.                               


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