What Is The TSX Triple Deck Vibrating Screen?

The application value of double-layer vibrating screen and three-layer vibrating screen in drilling mud solid control: it helps to reduce equipment investment and save equipment cost, realizing energy conservation; Further optimize the solid control layout of drilling mud and improve the drilling technology.

The reason is that the double-layer shale shaker and three-layer shale shaker are less expensive than the single-layer shale shaker, so most users will not choose the multi-layer shale shaker. Is the double-layer shale shaker and three-layer shale shaker valuable in drilling mud solid control?

The traditional drilling rig mud solid control system is generally composed of mud vibrating screen, mud cleaner, centrifuge and other solid control equipment. As the primary solid control equipment, mud shale shaker generally consists of two or more single-layer vibrating screens.

These characteristics reflect the processing results. The precision of the multi-layer vibrating screen after processing can reach the level of an integrated machine. That is to say, the multi-layer vibrating screen can replace the primary solid control vibrating screen and the secondary desander and desilter in the traditional mud solid control system in some cases.

Application Value of Double layer Vibrating Screen and Three layer Vibrating Screen in Drilling Mud Solid Control

First, the solid control process of drilling mud has been upgraded. Second, reduce equipment investment to save equipment cost. Less equipment means less energy consumption, among which energy conservation is realized. The power of each sand pump of the traditional solid control system desilting and desanding integrated machine is 55KW/75KW, and two of them work normally.

The power consumption is 110 kilowatt hours per hour, 2200 kilowatt hours per day, 66000 kilowatt hours per month, and 132000 kilowatt hours per year; The power of the shale shaker of the integrated desilter and desander is 3.88KW, which consumes 3.88kWh per hour, 77.6kWh per day, 2328kWh per month and 4556kWh per year.

Therefore, the use cost of multi-layer vibrating screen is much lower than that of traditional single-layer screen and multiple screen.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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