What Is The TSX Vibrating Dewatering Screen?

Vibrating dewatering screen is a vibration classification equipment specially used for desliming, medium removal and dewatering in the washing plant.

The linear dehydration vibrating screen is a vibrating screen with a linear motion track, which has the advantages of advanced structure, durability, low noise, convenient maintenance, etc. It is applicable to the departments of coal preparation, mineral processing, electric power, chemical industry, light industry, etc., for dry and wet screening or dehydration, disintermediation, and desliming of medium and fine grained materials. The following introduces the working principle and advantages of Longzhong linear dehydration vibrating screen


  1. Relatively small size, large processing capacity per unit area, convenient for system process layout;
  2. The method of weak welding combination of section steel components constitutes a frame body without internal stress, with high strength, light weight and durability;
  3. High frequency dewatering screen V-shaped screen surface design, with 45 degree filter plate at the feeding end, 0-5. The screen surface is dewatered by climbing to increase the dehydration efficiency, and the water content of the material on the screen is lower.
  4. Modular design of sieve plate, bolt free sieve plate installation. It only takes 3-5 minutes to replace a sieve plate, increasing operating efficiency. The sieve does not block holes, and the sieve hole is 0.1mm smaller;
  5. The damping device adopts rubber vibration isolation spring, which has a long service life, low noise and stable passing through the resonance area;
  6. Lubrication method: grease lubrication or thin oil lubrication.


After the test run, check that the above contents are correct, retighten all fasteners, and the screen and all parts and components are fastened well before they can be officially used. Before that, the following work must be done well:

1) The training of operators shall understand the structure and simple working principle of each part of the equipment; Before work, make preparations for starting up, and check that the rotating parts are flexible and free of jamming, the screen mesh is intact, all parts are free of looseness, and the bolts are fastened.

Dehydration screen site

2) The no-load startup and shutdown of vibrating screen are generally used in the complete set of crushing screening equipment or washing process. It is required that the screen machine be started and stopped without load. Except for special reasons, parking with materials is not allowed. When there is accumulated material on the screen surface, it must be removed before starting. Feeding can be started only after the operation is normal.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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