What Is The TSX Vibrating Power Screen Machine?

Vibrating power screen machine, also known as vibrating screen, is a material grading and screening equipment, which is widely used in mining, building materials, coal preparation, energy, chemical, metal ore powder, smelting, food processing and other industries

The common vibrating screens are circular rotary vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen, both of which use the vibrating motor as the excitation source. The vibration motor is prone to various failures in the long-term high-frequency vibration, the screen screen is worn and easy to replace, and the overall repair and maintenance costs are high. At the same time, the output is small, and the screen screen is easy to block, which is also the main problem of ordinary vibrating screen.

  1. Linear vibrating screen, also known as rectangular vibrating screen, is mainly used for screening large particles with low screening accuracy requirements. The equipment is relatively simple, but the wear is large, the screen screen is easy to be damaged, and the screening accuracy is low, which are the characteristics of this equipment. Now it is used less.
  2. Circular rotary vibrating screen, the main vibrating screen machine currently used, has the main advantage of high screening accuracy, which can basically meet the requirements of the fine powder industry; The disadvantage is that the output is relatively low, the material is easy to block the screen, and the screen is easy to be damaged.
  3. This new type of equipment has all the advantages of the rotary vibrating screen, and has completely solved the problems of small output, screen blocking and easy damage. It has become the most advantageous screening equipment in the fine screening industry.

working principle

The lower rotating heavy hammer makes the screen surface produce conical rotary vibration, and its combined effect makes the screen surface produce compound rotary vibration;

Screening refers to the process of dividing the broken bulk materials with different particle sizes into several different grades by passing through the single-layer or multi-layer screen surface with uniform holes for many times.

Up to 6 levels of classification can be provided for one operation. The vertical vibration motor is used as the excitation source. During this process, the cleaning device under each layer of screen constantly hits the screen, enabling materials to pass through the screen smoothly, effectively avoiding material blockage.

The ultrasonic screening machine uses the transducer developed by acoustics. The ultrasonic vibrating screen has changed the way of screening hard to handle powders on the screen mesh.

Under the combined force of the exciting force and the weight of the material, the material is thrown up on the screen surface and jumps forward, moving forward along a straight line.

The air flow screen can continuously screen the powdery materials in the range of 80-530 meshes. When the screen is started, the materials will be sent into the fixed horizontal screen barrel by the auger, the particles with appropriate particle size will pass through the screen hole, and the oversized materials will spiral through the barrel and be discharged from the outlet.

The above are several common screening machines, and we hope they can be of help to you.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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