What Is The TSX Vibrating Rock Screen ? 

Vibrating rock screencan be used for separation of sand, stone and soil, and also for product classification in coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, power and chemical industries.

After continuous structural evolution, the vibrating rock screen is now equipped with modular SV exciter. It only takes one hour to replace; At the same time, the modular design reduces the types of spare parts and makes them more versatile.

Combined with the feedback of stone shale shaker in the market, the drive system device has been strengthened. Now, flexible drive is used to protect the motor from impact; Vibration exciter shield and pulley shield are safer; Polyurethane shields, beads, and support strips prevent wear.

The vibrating rock screen can handle 100-800 tons of debris separation per hour. The basic condition is to be solid, solid, and solid again. This stone shale shaker is built with an integral frame structure. Compared with the traditional single beam design, it has a stronger bearing capacity; Moreover, the finite element strength analysis technology is strengthened to ensure the balanced design of weight and strength.

The application of different types of stone shale shakers in the production line is different. Therefore, a good understanding of the types of shale shakers is beneficial to the rational configuration of the production line.

For example, in the stone driving production line, the stone shale shaker is to grade all kinds of messy stones into finished stones with specifications for cleaning. When using the stone shale shaker in the quarry, the stone and soil should be separated, The application of the stone vibrating screen in the stone material plant is to separate the stone and stone powder, and to combine the stone vibrating screen with the sand making machine in the machine made sand production line to play a role of pre screening and feeding.

What are the advantages of buying a stone shale shaker from a manufacturer?

There are non-standard and standard machines for stone shale shakers. Compared with non-standard machines, there are no strict regulations in the industry. In recent years, price wars have occurred frequently, so it is inevitable that some people will tamper with product quality, which will seriously damage consumers’ losses.

What causes the fracture of the vibrating rock screen body?

(1) The manufacturer of the vibrating screen has no professional knowledge and lacks experience to produce inferior products;

(2) In terms of production materials, jerry built materials, such as screen body strength problems caused by insufficient steel plate thickness, incorrect selection of welding materials and wrong welding process.

The vibrating rock screen production workshop is an important place to inspect whether the manufacturer is qualified. If necessary, consumers can also visit.

Because the screen body is broken because the manufacturer is not responsible for it, we must pay attention to selecting a company with quality assurance, after-sales warranty and high reputation in the process of purchasing equipment.

Generally speaking, the after-sales service of normal vibrating rock screen manufacturers is guaranteed, and the quality problems during the purchase will be quickly solved. In fact, not only the vibrating screen, but also other mechanical equipment should be produced by normal manufacturers as far as possible, with purchase as the first and after-sales as the last. Only quality and guaranteed maintenance is reliable and optional.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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