What Is The TSX Vibrating Screen Coupling Used For?

As the primary equipment for the recovery and dewatering of coal, sand and minerals, the high performance TSX Vibratory Screener provides efficient, high quality screening. It is the perfect choice for environments where large volumes of material need to be screened but space is limited, with single, double and triple deck screens available.

With the benefits of efficient operation, simple operation and customizability, it offers everything you need for optimal work. One of the traditional vibrating screen generally consists of several major parts, such as vibrator, screen box, support or suspension device, vibrating screen coupling, transmission device, etc.

Coupling is a part inside the vibrating screen and plays an important role. If the selection is not correct, it will produce unexpected results and can cause damage to the equipment. The choice of coupling should be based on the working conditions of the equipment, to work in a good working environment will increase the service life of the coupling, which speed, vibration frequency, load state, working time, etc.

Will directly affect the coupling, to scientific, reasonable use of it, in order to safe operation, the coupling use no noise in operation, the equipment rarely fails, if the equipment does not move the jammed situation, the Coupling can automatically unload, so as to protect the screen itself outside the coupling will also have the function of vibration damping buffer, can reduce the vibration of the system, reduce the load, to reasonably choose the coupling, increase the safety and reliability, increase the service life of equipment, reduce the number of maintenance.

Coupling can make the adjustment of the number of revolutions of the vibrating screen simple, increase the use of time, can make the vibrating screen stable.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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