What Is The TSX Vibrating Screen Image?

Today, I want to introduce the vibrating screen to you. It can be seen from the images of the vibrating screen that different types of vibrating screens are different in appearance. In the images of the vibrating screen, we can see that the vibrating screen usually consists of three parts: the vibrator, the working body and the elastic element.

(1) Vibration exciter: it generates periodic vibration force to make the working body produce continuous vibration. The commonly used vibrators are inertia, elastic connecting rod, electromagnetic, hydraulic or pneumatic.

(2) Working body: screen box.

(3) , elastic element (spring): including vibration isolation spring, main vibration isolation spring and connecting rod spring.

(4) Function of vibration isolation spring: it can support the vibrating body, make the vibrating body meet the requirements of vibration, and reduce the dynamic load transferred to the foundation or structural frame. The vibrating screen box is welded with steel plate or high-strength bolts.

The steel plates on both sides are connected by seamless steel pipes or flanged steel. The screen frame is fixed to the screen or sieve plate. According to the different working forms, there are two installation forms of the vibration exciter:

1. In the middle and upper part of the screen box;

2. At the bottom of the screen box. The vibration exciter is the main component that generates vibration, and its layout will directly affect the motion track and shielding effect of the working face of the vibrating screen. The screen mesh is a very influential component in the vibrating screen mesh. It is important that this material has been classified, dehydrated and de intermediated, and is therefore also a vulnerable part.

The shape and layout of the screen directly affect the filtering effect. In order to reduce the impact of vibration on the foundation, the vibrating screen works through spring vibration. The effect of noise and vibration generated in the work is very large, which will cause environmental pollution. Reasonable spring layout can reduce the impact of vibration on the ground and improve the use of vibrating screen.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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