What Is The TSX Vibrating Screen Motor?

Vibrating screen motor, also known as vibrating motor, is a kind of motor. Its outstanding feature is to integrate power source and vibration source. According to different installation structures, there are mainly two types of vibrating screen motors: vertical vibrating motor and horizontal vibrating motor, which are applicable to different types of vibrating screens. How to determine the power of the vibrating screen motor?

Circular vibrating screen

Key points for selection of vibration motor:

Vibrating screen motor can be divided into many models according to different power and exciting force to meet the needs of different screen components and vibrating screen models. Theoretically, the higher the exciting force and the higher the frequency of the vibrating screen motor, the greater the handling capacity and screening efficiency of the corresponding vibrating screen.

However, in the actual use process, we must consider the vibration damage to the equipment caused by the exciting force that does not match the equipment and screen components, which is likely to cause the screen frame to break, the equipment to wear seriously, the screen mesh to break faster, and other phenomena that will consume the service life of the vibrating screen, Therefore, it is very important to choose the proper motor power of the shale shaker.

Method of determining the motor power of vibrating screen

The power of vibrating screen motor is directly related to the total weight and layers of screening equipment. The weight of the equipment includes the dead weight of the vibrating part above the damping spring of the shale shaker and the weight of the maximum material input at a single time. Considering the attenuation degree during the upward transmission of the excitation force, the more layers of the shale shaker, the power of the corresponding shale shaker motor should also be increased.

According to the professional calculation method, the exciting force of the vibrating screen motor must be higher than 30% of the total weight of the equipment, so as to ensure that the materials on the screen surface have sufficient force to be thrown up on the screen surface for screening, otherwise the vibrating screen force will be insufficient or the motor power of the vibrating screen will be too large to form the phenomenon of horse pulling cart, which is very easy to cause overload damage to the vibrating motor.

If the power of the selected vibration motor fails to meet the requirements, the vibration mechanical equipment will have insufficient amplitude, and the materials will not operate, which will affect the output. In addition, the vibration motor will be overloaded and hot, and the motor will be damaged seriously.

TSX Screen

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