What Is The TSX Vibrating Screen Of The Cement Plant?

Among our common small vibrating screen equipment, the cement standard sieve is the equipment with high cost performance.Overview of standard cement sieve:

The standard cement screen is also called the cement vibrating screen and the cement impurity removing screen. The cement screen is the first in China with unique and novel structure. It overcomes the shortcomings of the roller screen and the connecting rod reciprocating screen that it is difficult to block, stick and change the screen. Characteristics of cement vibrating screen

  1. Bearing temperature (thermometer method) shall not exceed 95 ° C.
  2. Operation and use:

The two motors must operate synchronously in opposite directions, otherwise the phase sequence shall be changed. Fasteners (bolts) shall be retightened every 24 hours within 100 hours of accumulated motor operation, and shall be tightened for the last time after 100 hours of operation. Open the observation port frequently to observe and remove the residual foreign matters on the sieve.

3.Maintenance and repair of standard cement screen:

When the vibration motor has been running for about 1000 hours, the bearing should be cleaned and the grease should be replaced. Regular maintenance is also required; One minor repair every three months and one major repair every year. (Refer to “Operation and Maintenance Manual of YZDP Series Vibration Motor” for details)

When it is necessary to replace the screen, first remove the cover plate and loosen the screen pressing strip, then take out the old screen and replace the same size,put the new screen in place and tighten it, and re press the screen battens one by one.

When the screen spring needs to be replaced, pay attention that the spring and others do not fall into the bin to avoid jamming the packing machine impeller.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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