What Is The TSX Vibrating Screen Shaft Design?

Many customers are interested in the bearing design and lubrication method of ultrasonic vibrating screen. Based on years of experience, the author specially summarizes the following:

  1. The inner and outer rings or shaft rings of the rolling bearing and the one-way thrust ball bearing race of the ultrasonic vibrating screen realize the positioning and coaxial reverse rotation movement through the rolling element and cage, as well as the combination optimization design of its supporting structure.
  2. The design of the surface contact sliding friction pair of the sliding bearing of the ultrasonic vibrating screen uses soft materials and hard materials to form the friction pair. At the same time, the bearing bush is designed as “dynamic rotation”, and its materials have the self-lubricating effect.
  3. The lubrication method of ultrasonic shale shaker shall be selected and used according to the requirements of the parts to be lubricated. On the basis of combining the transmission movement process and actual working conditions of different types of friction pairs, reasonable selection and design shall be made. The lubrication method of open transmission in ultrasonic shale shaker shall be selected according to its own characteristics of low speed movement and compact structure.
  4. The electrical slip ring is an electrical rotary connector, which is used to transmit power and signal. It can solve the problem that when the mechanical part of the ultrasonic vibrating screen rotates continuously without restriction, the wire is connected to the coaxial reverse low speed rotating two objects, and the wire winding problem is solved.

The motion track is a circular motion around the central axis. The bearing supports other rotating parts to rotate and transfer the torque. All parts on the shaft of the circular vibrating screen rotate around the central shaft. Therefore, in the design of the central shaft, it is not only necessary to consider the shaft itself, but also the whole structure of the shafting parts.

The design feature of the circular vibrating screen shaft is: first determine the specific structure of the shafting parts. Before the specific structure of the parts is determined, the action of the force on the shaft and the span between the fulcrums cannot be determined, so the size and distribution of the bending moment cannot be calculated. Therefore, when designing the shaft, the strength calculation of the shaft and the design of the shafting parts must be staggered, drawing, calculating, and modifying at the same time.

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