What Is The TSX Vibrating Screen Specification?

There are many models and specifications of vibrating screen equipment. The specific specifications and models are mainly determined according to the technical requirements of on-site screening. For some large mining screening, large mining vibrating screens are required; for some small fine screening, swinging screens, rotary screens, square swinging screens, linear vibrating screens, etc. can be used; The specifications or models of the selected vibrating screen equipment are different mainly according to the different screening materials used on the site.

Select different vibrating screen equipment according to different vibrating screen specifications and application scope:

 For example, linear vibrating screen. Linear vibrating screen mainly includes DZSF515, DZSF520, DZSF525, DZSF1020, DZSF1025, DZSF1030 and other models, with the output range of 0.12-20 tons/hour. The circular vibrating screen mainly includes YZS1848, YZS1860, YZS2160, YZS2460 and other models, with a production capacity of more than 50-800 tons.

There are many types of vibrating screens, including filter screen, ultrasonic vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen, roller screen, mining vibrating screen, hexagonal screen, flapping screen, air flow screen, test screen, round screen, dehydration screen, cement screen, etc.

450 type filter screen

Ultrasonic screening machine

The ultrasonic screening machine is composed of rotary vibrating screen and ultrasonic source. This machine is used to fix the ultrasonic transducer to a stainless steel frame, which is in close contact with the screen mesh. During operation, in addition to low-frequency rotary vibration, the screen powder on the screen mesh is also subject to ultrasonic vibration.

DZSF linear vibrating screen

The double-layer linear vibrating screen is driven by double vibrating motors or double vibrators, and works on the principle of vibration excitation by vibrators. The linear vibrating screen is suitable for screening any dry material with water content less than 7% and viscosity free from 0.74-10mm.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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