What Is The TSX Vibrating Screen Stone Crusher?

Rock breaker, also known as vibrating screen crusher, crusher or crusher, refers to the equipment used in mines to crush various stones and ores into stones or sands. Rock breakers are widely used in major mines, concentrators, sand and stone yards, etc.

Mining and heavy industry are the basis for the development of industry. Rock breakers are the necessary equipment for crushing, finely crushing and grinding large ore materials mined in mines. Huibang Heavy Industry is a physical manufacturer. The professional rock breakers provided include jaw type rock breakers, impact type rock breakers, impact type rock breakers and other mining machinery. We will introduce the rock breakers respectively below:

Introduction to jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is a necessary equipment for crushing large ores, which can be divided into deep cavity jaw crusher and European jaw crusher. The deep cavity jaw crusher is a device for coarse crushing large ores, which is often used as a crushing tool. The ore that can be crushed is 1000mm in size; European jaw crusher is a device for secondary crushing. The ore materials crushed by deep cavity jaw crusher enter European jaw crusher for crushing, or are directly used to crush small and medium sized ores such as river pebbles.

Introduction to counterattack rock breaker

The impact crusher is a crushing equipment used as a secondary crushing process. It can be divided into European version impact crusher and vortex impact crusher, which are used to crush mineral materials and construction waste respectively. After the ore materials are crushed by the impact crusher, a part of construction stones can be screened out. There is no grate at the lower part of the crusher, which is broken by the impact of ores in the impact chamber.

The crushed materials splash in the process of high-speed impact and counterattack, which will cause mutual impact between materials in the counterattack chamber, After Zz, the material is discharged from the outlet under the action of gravity.

Introduction to Impact Crusher

The impact crusher, also known as the impact sand machine, is a kind of gravel equipment that can simultaneously produce stones and sands. The impact crusher has the characteristics of large material throughput, strong operating capacity, uniform finished product particle size, good particle shape, and less dust. At present, the impact crusher is a kind of equipment that can produce stones and sands when it is mature, ideal, Zz efficient, and Zz low in comprehensive use cost.

The impact crusher is a straight through rock breaker. The materials are fed from the upper feeding port in two forms: single center feeding and center feeding+surrounding feeding (adjustable). The ore fed from the center enters the crusher and is thrown out at high speed (60-70m/s). The ore fed around the crusher collides, rebounds and changes the direction of movement for many times to achieve crushing. In short, it is “stone beating stone” crushing.

The figurative analogy is that the ore fed in the middle is called a “bullet”, and the ore falling around is called a “target”. Under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, high-pressure air flow and vortex will form in the equipment chamber when the rock breaker is working, which can protect the wear of equipment.

There is no grate bar at the lower part of the impact crusher, and the ore materials in the chamber will run for multiple cycles and collide with each other under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, so as to achieve crushing in the process of natural fall, which effectively reduces the loss of equipment.

After the ore materials from the lower part of the crusher are screened by the vibrating screen, the ores meeting the particle size requirements are transported to the finished product area through the belt conveyor.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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