What Is The TSX Vibrating Screen Table?

There are many types of vibrating screen table equipment. Different industries, materials and applications require different vibrating screen equipment. We mainly start with fine screen vibrating screen equipment to understand them:

High frequency vibrating screen: solid-liquid separation/treatment of solid and liquid mixed materials; Remove impurities and foreign matters. It is mainly used for screening viscous slurry materials such as ceramic glaze and slurry

Straight row screen: used to remove impurities or separate two kinds of materials with different mesh sizes.

Ultrasonic vibrating screen: ultrasonic system is added on the basis of conventional rotary vibrating screen, which is especially suitable for screening light, fine, sticky and electrostatic ultra-fine powder materials.

Gas shielded vibrating screen: equipped with gas protection device (ultrasonic system can also be installed at the same time) to isolate active materials from air through inert gas. It is mainly used for screening magnetic materials and 3D printing materials.

The mine vibrating screen uses two vibrating motors to be arranged in opposite directions synchronously, so that a reverse vibrator can generate exciting force and drive the screen mesh to move longitudinally. The upper material is periodically thrown forward under the action of the exciting force. When the material is less than the mesh size of the screen mesh, the material will fall through the screen mesh and fall to the lower layer.

Stainless steel wire mesh vibrating screen equipment mesh vibrating screen is a machine that uses mechanical principles to screen materials. It consists of vibration exciter, filter and fineness meter. And a part of the exciting torque is offset in the direction perpendicular to the motor axis; When the rotating speed of the two motors is equal, the resultant torque generated by them is zero, and the fine powder materials generated are discharged from the outlet.

Therefore, we can say that the working process of the stainless steel screen machine is realized by the throwing motion under the action of inertial centrifugal force.

The stainless steel screen machine is widely used in practical work, such as shelling and cleaning in grain processing; The classification of coal and gangue in the coal preparation plant and the purification of mud in sewage treatment. These works are completed by stainless steel wire mesh vibrating screen. Therefore, when using this mechanical equipment, we must understand its working principle and performance characteristics to better use it to maximize its effectiveness

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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