What Is The TSX Vibrating Screen Testing?

The experimental vibrating screen is also called laboratory vibrating screen and vibrating screen machine. The utility model has the advantages of stable vibration, large exciting force, stable performance, fast screen changing speed, light weight, simple operation, easy maintenance, etc.

  1. Prepare vibrating screen, standard screen, basin, stopwatch, platform scale, enamel plate, divider and other test appliances before the test.
  2. Use the sample divider to divide the sample into two parts, one for screening analysis of ore feeding, and the other for feeding of vibrating screen. Weigh them separately and fill the quality in the record sheet. The sample quality shall meet the minimum sample size requirements.
  3. Measure the length and width of screen surface; Check the screen for leaks.
  4. Observe the structure of the vibrating screen, identify its main components, turn the belt pulley by hand, and check whether the sieve can rotate. Start the screen and observe the movement track of the screen surface in combination with the learned working principle. Pay attention to safety during work, and do not close to the transmission part of the sieve.
  5. Sieve the self-made hand screen with the same mesh size as the vibrating screen, weigh the products under the screen, and fill them in the record.
  6. Put another sample into the vibrating screen for test. After the vibrating screen operates normally, the ore shall be fed continuously and evenly along the entire screen width. When the mineral aggregate enters the screen, start the stopwatch. When the mineral aggregate leaves the screen surface, close the stopwatch and record the time.
  7. After screening, close the vibrating screen, weigh the products on the shale shaker and fill them in the record.
  8. Sieve and analyze the products on the sieve, weigh the products under the sieve obtained from the sieve analysis, and fill the amount in the record form.
TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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