What Is The TSX Vibrating Screen Theory And Selection?

Classification of vibrating screen

  1. Three dimensional rotary vibrating screen: this series of equipment can be said to be the basic model of all small vibrating screens. This series of equipment can be used for coating, paint, starch, metal powder and other particles, powder, slurry materials with mesh size less than 300 mesh;
  2. Ultrasonic vibrating screen: this series of equipment is designed and produced based on the rotary vibrating screen to solve the problem of screen plugging in the screening process of some special materials. Its principle is to add an ultrasonic vibration wave with high frequency and low amplitude on the screen surface to solve the problem of screen plugging. It can be used for screening of silicon carbide, electromagnetic powder, quartz powder, carbon powder under 500 meshes, which are easy to block, stick to the screen, play groups, adsorption and static electricity;
  3. Swing screen: this series of screen machine is designed and produced to solve the problem that irregular materials cannot be screened or their characteristics cannot be destroyed.Its design principle is to use the manual screening action for reference, so that the screen surface can operate smoothly without damaging the material shape. It can be used in tea, plastic, rubber, wood and other industries below 500 meshes;
  4. High frequency vibrating screen:this series of screen machines, also known as high-frequency filtering, is mainly used for dehydration and filtering of materials, and is commonly used in the ceramic industry or screening and filtering of powder, particle and mucus;
  5. Straight row screen: this series of screen machines use high-frequency vibration motor as the excitation source.After the materials enter the system, they will be subjected to the force of the vibration source to make three-dimensional rotation movement on the screen surface, so that the flour and caking can be fully dispersed, and quickly pass through the screen and directly enter the lower surface bin. It can be used for screening of flour, starch, milk powder, additives and other powdery materials.

Precautions for installation and commissioning of vibrating screen

Preparation before installation of vibrating screen

Before the installation of the shale shaker, carefully check the ex factory materials of the shale shaker to see whether they conform to the national standards. Firmly refuse to use unqualified products. After purchasing the shale shaker, pay attention to the requirements of the shale shaker for the storage environment in the warehouse.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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