What Is The TSX Vibrating Screens Have Capacity In The Range Of?

Vibrating screens are ideal for environments where there is a lot of material to screen but space is limited, with single, double and triple deck screeners available. With the benefits of efficient operation, simple handling and customizable capacities, it offers everything you need to optimize your work.

The capacity range of vibrating screens is related to several factors. TSX vibrating screens are available in various types, each with different models, including bar feeders with capacities of 900, 1000, 1500, 1900, 2400 (t/h), etc. at a screen aperture of 100 mm; at a screen slit of 0.3 mm, for high frequency screens with capacities of >20, >25, >35, >40 .

In the case of screen hole of 100 mm, the handling capacity of circular vibrating screen is 200, 600, 300, 800, 500, 1200 (t/h); relaxation screen is divided into linear relaxation screen and banana relaxation screen, and the handling capacity of linear relaxation screen is 150, 300, 400, 550, 700, 1000 (t/h) in the case of screen slit of 13 mm. The capacity of banana sieve is 150, 400, 300, 700, 1000 (t/h) with 13mm slit; the capacity of banana sieve is >200, >260, >300, >350, >450, >600 (t/h) with 50mm slit; the capacity of banana sieve is >200, >260, >300, >350, >450, >600 (t/h) with 50mm slit.

>350, >450, >600, >900, >500, >1400; in the case of linear sieve with 25mm holes, the processing capacity is >120, >200, >240, >280, >320, etc.; in the case of curved sieve with 0.5mm screen slit, the processing capacity is: 90, 550, 80, 480. the same kind of these processing capacity is different is based on the screen plate The capacity is different according to the number of layers, area, the size of the screen slit and the change of the angle of inclination.


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TSX Screen

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