What Is The TSX Wet Vibrating Screen Used For?

Wet vibrating screen is one of the vibrating screen, vibrating screen is able to screen dry materials and wet materials, which requires the use of dewatering vibrating screen, which can be dewatered vibrating screen are high frequency screen, arc screen and linear screen using strip slit screen plate, it can be used for dewatering materials such as gravel, fine sand and coal. It is used in fine grain screening to produce a fraction of precisely cut grain size.

Working principle of high frequency screen The high frequency screen consists of exciter, slurry distributor, screen mesh, suspension spring, frame, screen frame and other parts. When working, the exciter can provide a very high vibration frequency, which can destroy the tension on the surface of the slurry to make the material vibrate up at high speed, and also increase the chance of contact between the fine grain material and the screen mesh to form a better separation condition.

TSX wet vibrating screen has a simple structure, easy maintenance and operation, saving investment costs and floor space. Its main role is dewatering, grading, desmearing, fine sand dewatering in stone plant, coal slurry dewatering and froth coal dewatering in coal mine, etc. Wet high frequency vibrating screen in iron ore beneficiation equipment plant is mainly used as iron ore concentrate regrinding classification equipment, or as fine grinding classification equipment.

TSX factory has more than ten kinds of main processing equipments such as high-end precision CNC horizontal machining center, CNC vertical machining center, CNC gantry milling machine and three coordinate measuring machine, which provide reliable guarantee for high quality and high precision of product manufacturing. We also provide after-sales guarantee service to ensure the later use of vibrating screen, we have various types and specifications of vibrating screen.

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