What Is The Type Of TSX-Vibrating Screen Machine?

The vibration screen works using the reciprocating spin-type vibration generated by the oscillator excitation. The upper rotating heavy hammer of the oscillator causes the sieve surface to produce a plane rotary vibration, while the lower rotating heavy hammer makes the sieve surface to produce a cone surface rotary vibration, and its combined effect makes the sieve surface to produce a complex rotation vibration. Its vibrational trajectory is a complex space composed by lines.

1.Vibrating screen:

Vibration sieve equipment can be divided into mineral vibrating sieve, fine sieve vibration sieve and laboratory special vibrating sieve according to weight and use. Mineral vibration screen can be divided into: eccentric circular vibration sieve, dehydration sieve, probability sieve, circular vibration screen, roller sieve, linear vibration screen, etc Thin screen vibration screen can be divided into 3 D rotating vibration screen, ultrasonic.

2.Circular Motion Vibrating Screen:

The material motion trajectory of the circular sieve is used to screen the medium to coarse-grained bulk material (5.0 mm to 100 mm).

3.High Frequency vibrating screens :

High-frequency sieve can effectively dehydrate the material, sending the slurry into the steeply tilted screen surface of the dehydration sieve feed end, to achieve rapid drainage, and then drain the dry product. Mainly used in tailings dry drainage, sand washing, coal slime recyclinghg and other industries.

These are some of the main screening types of our company.


TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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