What is the use of horizontal centrifuge?

Horizontal centrifuge is a device that uses high-speed rotation of the screen basket and vibration force to remove moisture from materials. It is mainly used for dewatering of fine coal or medium coal in coal preparation plants. Its working principle is as follows: The vibration of the screen basket is realized by two vibration motors installed on the main body. The vibrating body transmits the vibration force to the main shaft, thereby driving the screen basket to vibrate. At the same time, the main shaft is driven by the drive motor through the belt to rotate the screen basket, the final input material is centrifugally dehydrated in the screen basket and vibrated for discharge.

The advantage of Horizontal Basket Centrifuge:

Rotating Mechanism: At the heart of the WSL series lies a rotating mechanism that sets it apart from traditional centrifuges. Equipped with high-quality SKF bearings, the centrifuge boasts exceptional load carrying capacity and operates with minimal noise. The screen basket angles have been meticulously designed to maximize dewatering performance while ensuring high throughputs. Additionally, the baskets can be easily replaced, providing convenience and flexibility in operation. To guarantee longevity and reliability, the rotating junctions are sealed using a double oil seal/labyrinth oil seal system, preventing any oil leaks or contamination.

Vibrating Section: The vibrating section of the WSL Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge is a testament to its reliability and ease of maintenance. Powered by two vibrating motors, this section utilizes greased and sealed bearings, eliminating the risk of oil leakage and ensuring trouble-free operation. With these features, operators can rest assured that the centrifuge will consistently deliver optimal performance without compromising efficiency.

Machine Section: The machine section of the WSL centrifuge is designed for durability and precision. High-strength alumina tiles line all wearing surfaces, enhancing the centrifuge’s resistance to abrasion. Moreover, all assembly surfaces undergo meticulous processing using CNC machines, ensuring high precision and axiality. To meet stringent quality standards, all welded parts undergo Level 1 standard non-destructive testing before annealing treatment. These measures result in a centrifuge that is not only robust and stable but also compact in size, maximizing efficiency while minimizing footprint. With a high safety factor, operators can work confidently, knowing that the WSL centrifuge prioritizes their well-being.

Lubrication System: Efficient lubrication, cooling, and cleaning are crucial for the smooth operation of any centrifuge. The WSL Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge features a forced circulation lubrication system, which not only simplifies maintenance but also enhances overall performance. The labyrinth lubrication system incorporates a special automatic lubricator that eliminates the need for manual oil filling. This maintenance-free solution ensures consistent lubrication, prolonging the life of the centrifuge and minimizing downtime.

Conclusion: The WSL Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge has revolutionized the coal preparation industry, offering unrivaled efficiency, reliability, and ease of maintenance. With its advanced rotating mechanism, vibrating section, machine section, and lubrication system, this centrifuge sets a new standard in dewatering technology. Coal preparation plants worldwide can now benefit from enhanced performance, increased productivity, and reduced maintenance costs. The WSL Horizontal Vibrating Centrifuge is a true game-changer, ushering in a new era of efficiency and excellence in the coal industry.

The steps of using Horizontal Centrifuge:

Before starting the equipment, several checks and preparations need to be made. Firstly, ensure that all connecting pipes are clean and free from any foreign objects. The oil level in the tank should not be lower than the marked line. Check that the motor power supply is correctly wired and that all connecting bolts are secure. Verify that the oil pump and drum rotate in the correct direction.

Next, during the empty running phase, open the cooling water valve. Loosen the locking nut and turn the flow control wheel of the adjusting pump to the minimum flow. Start the oil pump motor and adjust the pump flow to ensure that all moving parts inside the machine are properly lubricated. Then, momentarily start the main motor and confirm that the drum rotation aligns with the indicated direction on the nameplate. Continue running the main motor for at least 30 minutes and inspect the following: smooth operation without friction or noticeable noise, no loose or deformed parts, normal functioning of the hydraulic system without leaks, stable oil pressure, and compliance with the specified startup current and operation indicators.

During operation and adjustment, start the oil pump motor and let it run for 3 to 5 minutes. Then, start the main motor. Open the bottom valve of the crystallization tank and evenly add the material. Pay close attention to the separation of the machine and adjust factors such as material temperature, concentration, and feed rate to select the optimal operating parameters. Regularly monitor operating current, oil pressure, temperature, and other parameters. If material blockage occurs, temporarily pause the main motor, clear the blockage, and restart the motor for normal operation. Otherwise, stop the machine for inspection.

For the shutdown procedure, close the bottom valve of the crystallization tank to stop the material supply. Adjust the pump flow to reduce the frequency of material pushing, and then stop the main motor. After the drum comes to a complete stop, stop the oil pump motor. Use a wooden or metal shovel to remove any filter residue inside the drum. Start the oil pump motor, followed by the main motor. Open various flushing valves and clean the internal and external screens of the drum, as well as the slag discharge port and areas in contact with the material. Finally, close the cooling water inlet valve.

The WSL Horizontal Centrifuge is a game-changer in the coal industry, offering unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and ease of maintenance. With advanced design and robust construction, it sets a new standard in dewatering technology, increasing productivity and reducing maintenance costs for coal preparation plants worldwide.

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