What Is The Use Of The Screen Of Linear Vibrating Screen?

The screen body of linear sieve machine into a straight line, so called linear sieve, the function of linear sieve is grading, desliming, desizing, using slit screen plate can also be used for dewatering, using stainless steel screen surface screen plate including (woven, perforated, slit, etc.) and full polyurethane screen plate, linear sieve exciter selection ZDQ series exciter, feed size: 0-300mm suitable for content of large, medium-sized coal and non-coal material classification.

For the vibration of linear screen, the power rotates, the belt drive mechanism adjusts the speed, and the driving force is transmitted to the main drive shaft through the sub-shaft sub, which drives the exciter to run and produces linear vibration force. After the material falls into the screen body from the inlet, it moves forward rapidly under the vibration force and passes through the screen surface loosely to realize the screening of the material, and the gap screen plate can be used for dewatering to achieve different effects.
Linear vibrating screens are also available in a wide range of weights, with very different appearance sizes and motor power. The screen plate has one layer and two layers, with different screening effect, and the multi-layer vibrating screen can also be screened for different materials.

The linear vibrating screen is named after the linear line, and the linear vibrating screen mainly sieves fine particles, light specific gravity and not high hardness materials, with the development of society has high requirements for the quality of the vibrating screen, each part of the vibrating screen has strict requirements, the parts are made of high quality structural steel, and sandblasted, painted anti-corrosion treatment, all surfaces are waterproof sealed treatment. It can work in many occasions and environments.

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