What Is The Use Of TSX Rubber Spring Of Vibrating Screen?

Rubber spring is an essential part of the vibrating screen, can be used for vibration damping when the vibrating screen works, better increase the life of the vibrating screen, rubber spring can be made into a variety of different shapes, scales of products. Its layout is compact and can be useful for the use of space.

  Spring is generally divided into steel spring, rubber spring and composite spring, steel spring is made of metal, is a kind of use of elasticity to work parts; rubber spring is the focus of today’s talk, it is a kind of high elastic spring, is made of ordinary rubber, the use of rubber elasticity to play a role in the body of the protection of shock absorption; composite spring is a combination of the previous two materials together, can overcome the shortcomings of the two springs. Ho with high load, high deformation damping effect.
Vibrating screen no matter how good the static or dynamic balance is, there will still be unbalanced inertia force, which will excite the vibration of the vibrating screen. In order to reduce the dynamic load transmitted to the foundation, usually between the vibrating screen and the foundation is equipped with a rubber spring or rubber dampers, so that it can constitute a vibration system vibration mass, spring and damping.

Rubber air springs require little installation space, easy to install and replace, simple maintenance, do not need frequent maintenance, no refueling. And has the advantages of high-frequency vibration isolation and good sound insulation performance.

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TSX Screen

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