What Is The Vibrating Sand Sieving Machine?

The vibrating screen sand machine is simple in structure and easy to use. People without professional skills or professional training can operate it skillfully. Now more and more manufacturers of machinery and machinery are competing to produce vibrating screens. If there is competition, they will improve. The production technology of vibrating screens is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and their performance has also been greatly improved.

The working part of the vibrating screen sand machine is fixed, and materials are screened by sliding along the working face. The fixed grid screen is widely used in concentrators. It is generally used for pre screening before coarse crushing or intermediate crushing. It has simple structure, convenient manufacturing, low energy consumption, and can directly unload ore onto the screen surface.

Sand screening machine is mainly used to screen machine-made sand. It can be divided into drum type, vibrating type and swinging type. Different screens are selected for different machine-made sand. Due to different screening forms, the prices of drum type, vibrating type and swinging type will also vary greatly. Let’s make the following explanations one by one.

Vibrating sand screen

The vibrating screen sand machine, also known as the vibrating screen, has a high screening accuracy of about 80%,

Swing sand screen

The swing sand screen is a new type of sand screen, with screening accuracy of more than 95%, low maintenance rate and good effect,

Use advantage comparison

1、 The screening area of the sand screening machine operates in different forms, and the du particle size of the processed materials is different! The drum sand screen works in rotation, while the vibrating sand screen vibrates rhythmically.

2、 Different sand screening methods: the roller screen rolls itself, so that the material will fall from high to the bottom, and the screening process will be completed through the screen. Vibrating sand screening machine generates vibration through vibrating motor to make materials pass through the screen.

3、 The selection of raw materials is different: if the sand to be screened is relatively dry and the particles are slightly large, the vibrating sand screening machine is selected, which has high sand screening efficiency. If the particles to be screened are very small and wet, the roller screen is used because the screening area of the roller screen is larger, the screening is fast, and the holes are not blocked. There are differences in people’s understanding and calling of sand screening machine.

TSX Screen

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