What Is The Vibrating Screen Layout?

To know the layout of the vibrating screen requires a good understanding of the vibrating screen, vibrating screen is a large mechanical tool, screening equipment is a mixture of different particle sizes, through the screen size into a number of different particle size level products of mechanical equipment, vibrating screen can be used in different industries of mining operations, coal mines and construction companies.

Vibrating screen consists of screen body, side plate, excitation beam, lifting beam, cross beam, vibration system. Exciter, excitation unit (for slack type and circular vibrating screen), intermediate shaft, main drive shaft, drive system, buffer spring, vibrating motor, The screen plate consists of the following parts. Vibrating screen can be used for grading, dewatering, desludging, de-grading, etc.

 The screen will oscillate and vibrate in a plane, and its motion trajectory has some linear, circular, elliptical motion and other motions. When the vibrating machine is working, some vibrating machines have one exciter and some have two exciters, most of the two exciters are linear motion, and the cycle of one exciter is circular, and the material will jump on the screen plate and screen, separating the materials with different particle sizes.

TSX Vibrating machine has a long working rest time less, simple operation, low noise, energy saving, high efficiency and other characteristics. It greatly improves the processing capacity and increases the economic efficiency.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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