What Is The Vibrating Screen Spring?

The vibrating screen spring is a common accessory of the vibrating screen. Its function is to transmit the exciting force to the motor to make the screen box of the vibrating screen vibrate rhythmically and reduce the vibration to a certain extent, so as to avoid the damage and cracking of the screen box and the splash of materials caused by excessive exciting force.

Classification of vibrating screen springs

  1. Rubber spring:

One of the widely used spring types, which can be used not only as the main vibration spring, but also as the vibration isolation spring and transmission spring. It is very common with low price and poor wear resistance.

  1. Coil spring:

Circular section cylindrical spiral spring is one of the most widely used elastic components in vibration machinery. Convenient manufacturing, low internal friction, low energy consumption and long service life; However, due to its large volume and small stiffness, it is easy to be damaged.

  1. Compound spring:

The composite spring is an elastomer composed of metal spiral spring and rubber. It has stable operation path, strong pressure bearing capacity, good shock absorption effect, large resilience, and is not easy to deform and wear.

  1. Wire compression spring

The steel wire compression spring can be referred to as the compression spring. It is a spiral spring that bears axial pressure. It is designed with equal pitch. It is one of the common spring forms of the rotary vibrating screen. The production cost is low, but it is easy to rust.


The spring of vibrating screen is usually used in the damping system of some equipment, such as vibrating screen, vibrating feeder, etc. The damping spring is an elastic damping device that supports the rigid body and transforms the vibration energy into heat and disappears. It is used in vibration equipment, electric locomotives, automobiles and other equipment

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