What Is The Vibrating Screen Stroke Check Card?

(1) 1. The meter has a “weekly inspection certificate” and is within the validity period of weekly inspection;

  1. The equipment is marked with “intact” certificate and “cleaned” status;
  2. The container is marked with “cleaned” status;
  3. There is a “site clearance certificate” outside the door of the post;
  4. The post has a “production permit”;
  5. The materials have “Material Identification Card”, “Circulation Certificate” and “Inspection Report”;

(2) Pulp making operation: coating operation times, slurry name, dosage (ml) times, slurry name, dosage (ml), tablet drying operation record: operator: reviewer: coating post production record

  1. After taking over the shift, carefully implement the shift handover system, check whether the components, spray facilities, fire-fighting facilities and equipment in the USL series vibrating screen inspection record sheet are in good condition, ask about the operation of the shift and whether the housekeeping is clean, and sign on the shift handover record sheet after confirming that they are in good condition.

Ore vibrating screen inspection record form Inspection record form is a kind of vibrating screen designed by the sintering plant to complete the classification of hot sinter and the uniform feeding operation to the cooling equipment. Generally, the size of ore vibrating screen is relatively large.

The ore vibrating screen is mostly seat mounted and vibrates with a double shaft vibrator. The universal coupling is used between the motor and the double shaft vibrator of the mine vibrating screen, and between the two double shaft vibrators. The universal coupling has the compensation function of angle and length at the same time, which can meet the relative displacement requirements between the motor and the vibrator when the screen is working.

The inspection record sheet of TSXseries vibrating screen is also known as TSX series circular vibrating screen. The motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate and then the vibrating screen is linked to make the circular motion tracks of up, down, and back, so that the screened materials can be even and quickly slip through the screen to complete the screening work.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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