What Is The Working Principle And Structural Principle Of The Linear Screen?

Many users have not carefully studied the structural characteristics of the linear vibrating screen when using it, which has caused many problems in use. So today, will give you a brief introduction, as shown below:

  1. Working principle

The linear vibrating screen is driven by two motors, and the material movement track of the linear vibrating screen is a parabola forward movement.

  1. Screening materials

The linear vibrating screen equipment is applicable to materials with a particle size of 0.074-5mm, and the water content of the materials cannot be greater than 7%. Only dry materials can be screened.

  1. Product structure

The structure of linear vibrating screen includes: screen mesh, screen box, dust cover, feed inlet, vibrating motor and discharge outlet.

Screen: mainly used for screening materials. There are many kinds of screen mesh size that can be installed according to different needs.

Screen box: The screen box is mainly used to hold the materials to be screened. The materials in the screen frame do parabolic movement on the screen screen under the action of the vibrating motor to achieve the screening purpose.

Dust cover: many users screen dry materials containing dust. In order to ensure that the dust does not spill, the manufacturer has developed a dust cover.

Material inlet/outlet: This is mainly used for the inlet of materials into the screen box as the material inlet, and the outlet is where the materials are discharged after screening.

Vibrating motor: Vibrating motor is widely used, while the main function of the linear vibrating screen is to vibrate and bring animal materials to the screen, so as to achieve screening.

The above is my introduction to the working principle and structure analysis of linear vibrating screen

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