What Is The Working Principle Of Coal Machine Vibrating Screen?

TSX coal machine vibrating screen.The optimal design of screen body structure by finite element analysis, light weight, high ability of anti fatigue, high reliability, long lifetime. Spraying protective paint of PU after surface shot blasting reach grade Sa2.5.

The screen body is clean seal assembled together with Ring-Grooved Lockbolt of HUCK, to avoid corrosion of bolt joint surface by wet thing .

Screen and slot panelare synchronous vibration to make the materials moving forward and dewatering on the screen surface.

The materials were feed up continuously from the feed end groove, dewatered by the screen surface, the materials below the screen surface were send to the groove of below screen surface , the materials above the screen surface were send to the groove of discharge end.

Choosing the higher intensity of projection and the best screen surface system according to different feeding materials. 45°screen surface of feed section is convenient for draining, -5°screen deck of discharge end is convenient for dewatering.

Obviously, all of these can improve the handing ability  and dewatering efficiency of the screen.

TSX coal machine vibrating screen :high-frequency screen is mainly used for the classification and dehydration of fine or tiny materials and the recovery of coal slime, especially for the dehydration of coal slime before the plate and frame filter press system.

The high-frequency screen is a high-efficiency linear vibrating screen with 2 angle screen surfaces. It is optimized and designed by applying the principle of linear screening and linear vibration theory.

The excitation force is directly supplied by two vibration motors installed on the excitation beam, which can transmit power reliably and smoothly. And linear vibrating force, make the sieve body directional vibrate the material according to the predetermined frequency, from the feed end to the discharge end, and dehydrate through the screen surface.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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