What Is The Working Principle Of Double Vibrating Screen?

The material enters the double-layer vibrating screen from the material inlet and moves in a circular motion.  The coarse material larger than the mesh size is intercepted by the screen and left in the upper layer, and discharged from the upper outlet.

Finer materials smaller than the size of the sieve mesh fall to the lower layer and the last layer through the sieve mesh, and are discharged from the corresponding outlet to complete the screening work. The main function of multi-layer linear vibrating screen is to screen various materials. Its workload is large, and the materials are mainly screened in a linear way, so it is driven by double vibration motors. The two vibrating motors move synchronously, but they rotate in their respective directions.

The base of the multi-layer vibrating screen is equipped with a vertical motor. There are irregular iron blocks at the upper and lower ends of the motor. he two motor shafts are inclined relative to the screen surface. The multi-layer powder linear vibrating screen is driven by double vibrating motors, and works on the principle of vibration excitation by vibrating motors. When two motors rotate synchronously and reversely, the vibration forces generated by the eccentric blocks cancel each other in the direction parallel to the axis of the motor.

Under the combined action of the vibration force and the self gravity of the materials, the materials are thrown up on the screen surface and jump forward to make a linear movement, so as to reasonably match the screen mesh to achieve the goal of screening.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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