What Is The Working Principle Of Gold Mine Vibrating Sieves

Vibrating screens are currently commonly used screening equipment in the industrial and mining industries. They are widely used in the fields of mining, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, food and the environment, among which they are widely used in the mineral processing industry.

It is widely accepted for its advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, light weight, low cost and low energy consumption, but there are still many problems in the process of manufacture and use, such as unsatisfactory screening efficiency, high noise, poor reliability, Poor manufacturing accuracy, etc. The research on the working principle of mining vibrating screen is the premise of optimizing the design and performance improvement of mining vibrating screen, so major equipment manufacturers are conducting special project analysis on the working principle of mining vibrating screen.

The main structure of mining vibrating screen includes screen body, support and transmission device, feeding and discharging device, frame and so on. The working principle of the mining vibrating screen can be summarized as follows: when the vibrating screen is working, the material enters the screen box first, and the screen box vibrates according to a certain trajectory under the action of the exciting force, and the material continuously moves forward by virtue of this vibration.

During the process, the materials are sieved by the sieve, and the materials with a particle size larger than the sieve hole size will always stay on the drying net, and finally discharged through the discharge end, and the materials with a particle size smaller than the sieve hole size will first pass through the large particles to achieve stratification , and then through the sieve, this is the complete sieving process.

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