What Is The Working Principle Of Horizontal Vibrating Screen?

TSX vibrating feeder is one of the many vibrating screen, in the screening process of sand and gravel production line for its uniform feeding, can be coarse screening, widely used in coal, mineral processing, chemical, construction and other industries, feeder has, simple structure, easy maintenance, high efficiency, feeding strength, low noise, etc. Its excitation force can be adjusted at any time to change the flow.

The function of linear sieve is to classify, desmear, desliming, the use of slit screen plate is also used for dewatering, the use of steel screen surface screen plate (woven, perforated, slit, etc.) and full polyurethane screen plate, for the exciter selection ZDQ series exciter, feeding size: 0-300mm suitable for high fines content of large, medium-sized coal and non-coal materials classification.

In the working principle, for example, the horizontal vibrating screen is energized and rotated, the belt drive mechanism adjusts the speed, and the driving force is transmitted to the main drive shaft through the secondary shaft pair to drive the exciter to run and produce linear vibration force. 

The linear vibration force acts continuously and cyclically on the screen body, causing the screen body to vibrate on the buffer spring. The screen body drives the screen surface to vibrate together, and after the material falls into the screen body from the inlet, it moves forward rapidly under the action of vibration force and passes through the screen surface loosely.


TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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