What Is The Working Principle Of Linear TSX Vibrating Screener?

After raising this question, you must be very curious about how the linear screen works. To put it simply, when the two vibration motors installed on the screen body in the longitudinal direction are running relative to each other, the transverse excitation force generated by the linear screen is offset by the relative operation of the motor.

Having known the structure of the linear screen, let’s now understand the working process of the linear screen as follows

The excitation force of the vibrating motor of the linear vibrating screen determines the amount of production.Let’s test it with a screw cap,it can be seen that the screw caps move slowly and pile up on the screen with low frequency vibration,it can be seen that in the case of heavy material weight the low excitation force.Cannot achieve the perfect screening effect. Next adjust the eccentric shaft of the motor.

There are two eccentric shafts at the upper and lower ends of the motor.when the eccentric shafts overlap the exciting force is stronger the greater the exciting force is stronger,the greater the separation angle of the eccentric shaft the weaker the excitation force of the eccentric shaft compared with the previous screening effect. It can been that the screen has been significantly increased.if you find the vibrating screen a linear vibrating screen equipment is not strong.you can try to adjust whether the eccentric shaft of the motor has changed.


If you want to know what the linear screen is used for?

Let me tell you that linear vibrating screen can also screen and grade granular materials and powders, which are widely used in chemical, plastic, abrasive, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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TSX Screen

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