What Is The Working Principle Of Mine Vibrating Screen?

Three characteristics and eight principles of mine vibrating screen

1、 Mine vibrating screen is also called self centering screen. It mainly includes vibration exciter, screen box, suspension device, damping spring, disc, motor, etc.

2、 Working principle of mining vibrating screen: The structure of self centering screen is characterized by turning out the eccentric journal where the transmission shaft and bearing fit.  The mining vibrating screen uses the exciter with eccentric block to make the screen box vibrate, which can work with large amplitude without accurate balance.

3、 The eccentric part of the drive shaft of the mining vibrating screen can automatically adjust the position, so that the power is in a balanced state, and the entire drive shaft can maintain the same spatial position. The suspension device suspends the screen box on the rack, and the upper end of the suspension device is equipped with a damping spring to eliminate vibration.

When the mineral materials are screened by the mining vibrating screen, the high-power motor on the screen box wall generates the exciting force and transmits it to the screen surface. The longitudinal exciting force makes the mineral materials on the screen surface be thrown up and moved forward for a certain distance before falling back on the screen surface. Repeat the above movement, so that the mineral materials entering the screen surface can quickly complete the screening process of dispersion, looseness, advancement and screening.

On the working principle of the motor exciting force, the mining vibrating screen will also be designed with a certain tilt angle.

According to the proportion of coarse and fine materials, mineral aggregate viscosity, humidity, screening speed requirements and screening accuracy requirements, the optimal angle is generally designed to be between 0 ° and 40 °, which includes two aspects: 1. The angle of the vibration motor (upper and lower eccentric blocks); 2. Angle between screen surface and horizontal plane.

The larger the angle of eccentric block is, the higher the screening accuracy is, and the screening effect is relatively better, which is suitable for finer grading, but the corresponding screening speed will be reduced; If the output is required to be large and the precision is not required to be high, the angle of the eccentric block shall be appropriately adjusted.

The larger the inclination angle of the screen surface is, the shorter the residence time of the mineral aggregate on the screen surface is, the faster the discharging is, but the screening cleaning effect is reduced; On the contrary, if the inclination angle of the screen surface is small, the screening effect will be improved, but the screening efficiency will be relatively reduced.

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