What Is The Working Principle Of The Exciter Of The Circular Vibrating Screen?

TSX circular vibrating screen is a grading vibrating screen used for grading primary and secondary materials. It uses perforated sieve plates, woven sieve plates and bar sieve plates. The mesh size of these three sieve plates is more than 50mm, so some large particles are screened. The exciter of TSX round vibrating screen is a single shaft exciter of RDQ series.

Various types of vibration exciters produce different mechanical effects through different combination modes – no matter the shaft eccentricity or block eccentricity, all single axis vibration exciters drive the corresponding equipment to make approximate circular motion, all double axis vibration exciters or two single axis vibration exciters of the same model and specification are stacked and distributed in parallel, and run in the opposite direction to drive the corresponding equipment to make approximate linear vibration.

TSX round vibrating screen adopts single shaft vibrator, which consists of pure vibrating vibrator, shaft eccentric vibrator and belt pulley eccentric self-centering vibrator. The vibration system of inertial vibrating screen is composed of vibration mass (mass of screen box and vibrator), spring and exciting force (generated by rotary eccentric block).

To ensure the stable operation of the screen, it is necessary to calculate the vibration system of the inertial vibrating screen, to find out the relationship between the vibration mass, spring rigidity, mass moment of eccentric block and amplitude, reasonably select the spring rigidity and determine the mass moment of eccentric block.

The structure of the exciter of the TSX round vibrating screen is simpler, and it is easy to disassemble, maintain and repair.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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