What Is The Working Principle Of TSX Circular Vibrating Screen?

Circular vibrating screen, it is one of the common sieve, its use is very wide in the coal mine, building materials, metallurgy, etc. will use it, its components include: side plate, driving mechanism, lifting beam, exciter, buffer spring and screen surface.

It is a kind of screen with high efficiency, safety, even force, long service life, low noise, smooth operation and high cost performance, which can screen minerals, coal powder, sand and gravel materials efficiently. The screen can be composed of one layer sieve and two layer sieves, or you can choose a suitable screen for screening according to the materials.

The vibration generated by its vibration source is around the shaft, and the direction changes at any time, it is powered by centrifugal force, its working principle is that the vibrating screen starts to do jumping movement by vibration together, the movement track is circular, through vibration, the screen surface will also receive vibration force.

The material on the screen surface will be screened out through the screen hole, the small material will reach the next layer and the large material will stay on the screen surface and finally excluded from the discharge port, its inclination angle The inclination angle is generally 15-25 degrees.

The use of circular vibrating screen: to start before the material is not added, try to avoid the material to start, and then add material to the vibrating screen when it starts to operate normally, stop the entry of material before shutting down, wait for the screen surface has no material before shutting down, pay attention to the operation of the screen in the process of operation, if the release of abnormal conditions need to be found in time, shut down to check the situation, find out the problem and solve the fault.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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