What Is The Working Principle Of TSX Circular Vibrating Screen?

The vibration track of circular vibrating screen is different from that of linear vibrating screen, which is circular rather than linear motion, so it is called circular vibrating screen. Circular vibrating screen is a mining equipment specially designed for screening aggregate in quarries, and it can also be used for grading product size in building materials, power, coal preparation, mining, chemical industry and other industries, or as screening equipment in sand and stone production lines. It is characterized by large output, high quality, various models, advanced structure and technology, high screening efficiency, easy installation and maintenance, and durability.


During operation, two vibrating motors rotate synchronously and reversely to make the eccentric block generate exciting force. Circular vibrating screen is suitable for screening and grading of powder, particle and slurry materials; The working principle of the circular vibrating screen is to use the high frequency vibration of the screen body to screen and grade the materials, and the bouncing ball can jump up and down with the animal materials to complete the screening process.

 Under the combined action of gravity and exciting force, the material will be thrown onto the screen surface, and finally the best screening and grading purpose is achieved.It can be used on the production line to realize automatic operation.

Advantages and characteristics of round vibrating screen:

  1. The vibrating screen machine adopts a new design principle and is a highly efficient vibrating screen screening equipment with a new structure.
  2. The vibrating screen adopts laminated screen, which has a long service life and can prevent blockage and wear.
  3. The vibrating screen adopts rubber spring to support the screen frame, which has low noise and small equipment load during production, and does not require concrete foundation.
  4. Vibrating screen has high sand yield, low energy consumption, and power consumption is about 20% lower than that of traditional screening equipment.
  5. The vibrating screen equipment is small in size, compact in layout, small in floor area, simple and convenient in production process, and more convenient in maintenance and repair, which reduces the production investment cost of the enterprise.
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TSX Screen

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