What Is The Working Principle Of TSX Eccentric Vibrating Screen?

When the motor of the eccentric vibrating screen rotates the shaft 3 through the drive pulley 8, the middle of the screen frame moves in a circle, and the radius of the circle is equal to the eccentricityr. The feed end and discharge end of the screen frame are in closed elliptical motion. The shape of the elliptical motion path depends on the strength and position of spring damper 11.

When the screen frame moves in a circle, centrifugal force will be generated, which will cause useless vibration of the supporting mechanism via shaft 3. Therefore, use counterweight (counterweight) 9 on flywheel 10 to balance the force. It should make

Mw2r=m0w2R, or m r=m0 R.

Where, the weight of the vibrating part of the m-sieve (k9);

W – angular velocity of eccentric shaft (s);

R Eccentricity of eccentric shaft (m);

M0 weight of counterweight (kg);

R – Distance from center of gravity of counterweight to rotation center (m)

In fact, when the eccentric vibrating screen machine is working, due to uneven feeding or other reasons, the mass of the vibrating part of the screen machine will often fluctuate, and the inertia of the screen body cannot be balanced, which will cause vibration of the support bearing and buildings .

When we use the vibrating screening equipment, sometimes when we replace materials or debug problems, we will find problems in the adjustment of the eccentric block of the vibrating motor, which leads to inappropriate conditions for material screening and reduces the screening power. How should the vibration motor be adjusted? How to adjust the eccentric block?

  1. Adjustment of additional weights: additional weights are installed on the side of the upper and lower weights to add or reduce the exciting force of the screen machine. You can add or subtract other weights, depending on the elements, such as the number of layers in the equipment, the component of materials, etc. Non professionals should not add or reduce the rated weight at will.
  2. Change the phase angle of the upper and lower weights of the vibrating motor, which can change the movement track and residence time of animal materials on the screen, so that the screen machine can get used to the different conditions required for various materials, such as material distribution and production weight. Various changes such as power and network rate should be adjusted to the situation.
  3. The upper component cannot be scheduled. Open the dispatching hole at the bottom of the equipment base, and then loosen the lower component fixing bolts. According to the motion track of the screened material, it is in the opposite direction to the outlet Adjust the phase angle of the upper and lower weights and tighten the fixing bolts. If the processing parameters are effective, please stop the fixing bolts and stop the scheduling (remember to tighten the fixing bolts).

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