What Is The Working Principle Of TSX High Frequency Vibrating Screen?

High frequency screen is one of the main products of TSX vibrating screen, TSX high frequency screen with high efficiency, long life, simple operation, etc., widely used in dewatering, for the selection of screen plate application of polyurethane border stainless steel strip seam and full polyurethane strip seam.

Exciter selection ZDQ series exciter or excitation motor, its feed size is 0-5 mm, mostly used in coal mine froth coal, coal slurry dewatering, can also be used for non-coal fine sand Dewatering. It can also be used for dewatering of non-coal fine sand, and is widely used in mineral processing, coal processing, chemical industry, construction, etc.

High frequency screen is composed of side plate, excitation beam, lifting beam, cross beam, vibration motor, buffer spring, screen surface and other structures. High-frequency screen uses its working principle, the characteristics of high frequency to destroy the tension on the surface of the material, so that the material is continuously vibrated on the screen surface, which accelerates the useful minerals with relatively large density and the precipitation of separation.

Which improves the probability of contact between the material less than the separation size and the screen hole, causing better separation conditions, so that the material less than the separation size, especially the material with large density and the slurry are screened out through the screen hole together.

High frequency vibrating screen can be used for wet separation, dewatering, which will have different screening methods for different materials, for high frequency sieve, wet screening installation is generally the inclination angle of about 25 degrees, according to the size of the feed to adjust the angle of inclination of the screen surface, when the inclination angle of 55 degrees when the screening efficiency of up to about 75%

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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