What Is The Working Principle Of TSX Sieve Bend For Solid-liquid Separation?

TSX sieve bend for solid-liquid separation is a non-power vibrating screen, which plays an important role in coal preparation process, such as medium removal, dehydration and desliming. TSX solid liquid separation sieve bend is characterized by light weight, low noise, low energy consumption and long service life. The screen body of TSX solid liquid separation sieve bend adopts finite element analysis method to eliminate stress concentration, so that its structure design is reasonable, its weight is light, and its service life is long;

The side panel is hydraulically tensioned and assembled with HUCK rivets, and the seamless design is adopted, so that as little dust as possible enters the screen body and affects its service life. The vibration exciter of TSX solid-liquid separation sieve bend adopts SKF special bearing, which has low noise, high strength, maintenance free, and can be used normally in the range of – 30 ℃ – 80 ℃.

The vibrating screen sieve panel adopts domestic leading technology, with large opening rate, non-magnetic, wear-resistant, and high corrosion resistance. It effectively improves the capacity of sieve bend for dehydration and medium removal, and makes solid particles and water dehydrate by stages under the cutting of screen bars.

The TSX solid liquid separation sieve bend can also be used together with the slime centrifuge to recover coarse slime. At the same time, the vibrating motor is equipped to make the screen machine produce a small vibration of a certain value, to remove the fine particles in the gap of the screen panel and improve the dehydration and medium removal effect of the sieve bend.

The sieve bend can be divided into rotary screen and fixed screen in structure. The rotary screen box can be rotated by 180 °, that is, the screen can be turned to use through the rotation of the screen box.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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